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(me)lawan bahasa Inggris

  • lawan:    adversary; antagonist; compeer; foe; il; opponence; opponent; rival; contrary; opposing; opposition; to; v; versus; vs; competition; be hostile; contra; deny; object; against time; contradict; in ex
  • me:    aku; fur up; fured up; furing up; leave; saya; swallow; pine tree state; me; maine
  • this is me:    this is me (demi lovato song)
  • with me:    with me (destiny's child song)
  • arus lawan:    back current
  • arus-lawan:    reverse current
  • berlawan-lawan:    fight each other
  • calon lawan:    candidate of the other party; competing candidate; opponent of the other party
  • elektromotoris lawan:    counter electromotive
  • engkol-lawan:    opposite crank
  • flensa lawan:    counter flange
  • ion lawan:    counterion
  • kata lawan:    antonym
  • kutub lawan:    anti-pole
  • kutub-lawan:    antipole