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angka-hasil belah-inti langsung bahasa Inggris

  • langsung:    first hand; hands-on; lineal; right off the reel;
  • hasil belah-inti:    fission product
  • angka-hasil fisi langsung:    direct fission yield
  • angka-hasil fisi:    fission yield
  • angka-hasil fisi bebas:    independent fission yield
  • angka-hasil fisi berantai:    chain fission yield
  • angka-hasil fisi kumulatif:    cumulative fission yield
  • angka-hasil fisi primer:    primary fission yield
  • lengkung angka hasil masse:    mass yield curve
  • angka-hasil neutron per fisi:    neutron yield per fission
  • angka-hasil neutron per serapan:    neutron yield per absorption
  • belah:    split; crevice; fracture; break; rive; cleave; gap; chop; side; cut open; crack open; divide; split open; crack
  • inti:    core; essence; kernel; marrow; nucleus; quintessence; central; gist; pith; idea; crux; effect; burden; substance; sum; contents; centre; point; beginning; heart and soul; basis; source; inwardness;
  • langsung:    first hand; hands-on; lineal; right off the reel; straight; straight away (off); straight run; to the point; ado; direct; directly; immediate; live; straight away; straight off; through; like a shot
  • hasil:    fruitage; outcome; output; result; yielding; achievement; be a tribute to; effort; fruit; fruition; proceeds; produce; product; progeny; yield; comeuppance; take; takings; action; impact; make; take