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arus-silang bahasa Inggris

  • silang:    silang, cavite; physical defect; crossbreed; hybridise; intersect; diverge; check; interbreed; crosswise; intersecting; cross; wrong; hybridize
  • silang-bulat-silang:    tic-tac-toe
  • arus:    current; stream; charge; movement; ocean current; motion; trend; line; move; run; course of action; course; tide; electric current; feed; flow; flow of air; air flow; airflow
  • acuan silang:    cross-reference
  • angin silang:    crosswind
  • balok silang:    joist; binding joist; trimming joist; bridging joist; ceiling joist
  • bentuk silang:    cruciform; cruciate
  • bersilang-silang:    crosswise; transversely; crossways
  • busur silang:    crossbow; bolt thrower; ballista
  • cakap silang:    crosstalk
  • cek silang:    cross check; crossed cheque
  • ekor silang:    cruciform tail
  • gandengan silang:    cross coupling
  • gerak-silang:    cross motion
  • jalin-silang:    cross lay