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baru...lalu bahasa Inggris

  • tahun yang baru lalu ini:    of recent years
  • lalu:    elapse; so; with that; then; whereupon; slip away; snow flurry; slide by; away; and; thus; before; only then; fleet; trespass; transgress; extend; next; afterward; overtake; surpass; make pass; last
  • baru:    anew; fresh; just; just now; modern; new; new type; newly; novel; freshly; in mint condition; only; only now; invigorated; unprecedented; undreamt; simply; refreshing; lately; of late; green; afterw
  • bulan lalu:    last month
  • j lalu:    last f
  • jum. lalu:    last fri.
  • jumat lalu:    last friday
  • k lalu:    last th
  • kam. lalu:    last thu.
  • kamis lalu:    last thursday
  • lalu apa:    so what
  • lalu lintas:    traffic; vehicle traffic; vehicular traffic
  • lalu-lintas:    traffic; oftenness; frequencies; frequence
  • m lalu:    last su
  • masa lalu:    the past; past; old-time; water under the bridge; bygone