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benci sekali bahasa Inggris

contoh kalimat "benci sekali"
  • benci:    despite; detest; dislike; hate; hateful; loathe;
  • sekali:    immensely; once; one time; best; vastly;
  • benci:    despite; detest; dislike; hate; hateful; loathe; under protest; hatred; hostile; resent; abominate; phobia; disgust; distaste; be sick; phobic neurosis; throw up; aversion; chuck; vomit up; loath; n
  • benci terhadap:    had it in for one; have it in for one; having it in for one
  • berbalik benci:    turn against
  • membuat benci:    alienate
  • rasa benci:    alienation; aversion; scornfulness
  • sangat benci:    at swords points
  • sekali:    immensely; once; one time; best; vastly; bitterly; galactically; erst; bitingly; much; outrageous; too; -est; piercingly; hugely; wanst; extremely; least; at one time; extraordinary; most; quite; in
  • sekali sekali:    now and again; once in a while; here and there; every so often; occasionally; now and then; from time to time; at times; sometimes
  • sekali-sekali:    ever and anon; ever now and then; every now and again; every now and then; once in a while; sometimes; every so often; occasionally; occasional; at times; now and then; now and again; episodic; from
  • benci pada yang asing:    xenophobia
  • benci terhadap yang asing:    xenophobe
  • benci yang kautanam (novel):    the hate u give
  • cinta dan benci:    love and hate
  • Why do you hate that kid so bad?
    Mengapa kau benci sekali dengan anak itu?
  • I hate it the most when you're hypocritical like this.
    Aku benci sekali saat Permaisuri sedang munafik.
  • I really hate introducing myself to people.
    Aku benci sekali memperkenalkan diriku di depan orang.
  • My grandfather used to hate when people called it that.
    Kakekku dulu benci sekali saat orang mengatakan itu.
  • It's just because I hate you so much.
    Itu karena aku benci sekali padamu.
  • I hate you so much right now.
    Ha-Ha. - Aku benci sekali padamu sekarang.
  • Wow, Shira must really hate building rafts.
    Wow, Shira pasti benci sekali membuat rakit.
  • I so hated to leave her that day.
    Aku benci sekali meninggalkannya hari itu.
  • Okay, I hate it once told you this, but ..
    Oke, aku benci sekali mengatakan ini padamu, tapi..
  • I hate you so much, I just swore on live television.
    Aku benci sekali padamu, Kusumpahi, semua siaran langsung.
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