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berpiket bahasa Inggris

  • berpijar-pijar:    cruise up and down; cruised up and down; cruising up and down; glow
  • berpijar:    fluorescent; set aglow; flare; burn up; blaze up; flame up
  • berpikir:    bethink; bethinking; bethought; think; thinking; be of the opinion (that); fancy; feel; figure; find; reckon; reflect on; believe; imagine; reflect; mirror; think about; ponder; consider; attend to;
  • berpijak:    tread; step
  • berpikir ala luar negeri:    abroad minded
  • berpihak pada:    in favour of; partied to; party to; partying to; side with; sided with; siding with
  • berpikir atau merasakan:    think or feel
  • berpihak kepada:    stand up for; standing up for; stood up for; take the part of; taken the part of; taking the part of; took the part of; side with
  • berpikir banyak tentang:    thought a lot of