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birkenfeld, main-spessart bahasa Inggris

  • cities and towns in main-spessart:    cities and towns in main-spessart (district)
  • birkenfeld (daerah):    birkenfeld (district)
  • birkenfeld (distrik):    birkenfeld (district)
  • main:    gone out for; play; playback; played; terpenting; utama; yg utama; have sex; have it away; be intimate; fun; hump; love; pretend; sleep together; get laid; bed; have it off; jazz; dally; fuck; strum
  • main-main:    triffle; triffled; triffling; facetious; fool; frivolity; frivolous; playful; bet; act as; lark; fiddle; diddle; represent; toy; work; make for; encounter; gambol; meet; wager; trifle; flirt; play;
  • bukan main-main:    no joke
  • dengan main-main:    frivolously
  • secara main-main:    facetiously
  • sifat main-main:    frivolity; frivolousness
  • tidak main-main:    in earnest
  • untuk main-main:    in fun
  • bermain-main:    cutting a caper; cutting capers; fool around; fooled around; fooling around; play around; romp; romped; romping; toy with; toyed with; toying with; fiddle; frolic; lark about/around; toy; fritter aw
  • bukan main:    not be sneezed at; unbelievably; incredibly; wow; implausibly; awful; vastly; exceptionally; atrociously; wonderful; abysmally; immensely; awfully; very; terribly; attractive; frightfully; beautiful
  • jam main:    curtain time
  • lapangan main:    playground; recreation ground