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contoh kalimat "cache"
  • This has been a difficult and tedious process.
    Namun, aku sudah berhasil memulihkan data cache yang cukup besar.
  • The label was found in the Sheikh Abd el-Qurna cache.
    Label itu ditemukan di cache Sheikh Abd el-Qurna.
  • You got to put the L2 cache in ad hoc mode.
    Coba setel L2 cache nya ke mode ad hoc.
  • It is decentralized, cached on servers all over the world.
    Ini sudah didesentralisasi, cache ada di server di seluruh dunia.
  • As I've already said, Mr. Arctor has this cache of weapons.
    Seperti yang saya sudah bilang, Mr Arctor cache ini memiliki senjata.
  • We're calling the data cache Pandora.
    Kami menyebutnya 'cache Pandora'.
  • Clears caches to save space on your Mac
    Menghapus cache untuk menghemat ruang di Mac Anda
  • How to Flush Memory Cache on Linux Server
    Bagaimana untuk Flush memori Cache pada Linux Server
  • How To Clear The Twitter App Cache In iOS
    Cara Menghapus Cache Aplikasi Twitter di iOS
  • 2. Find and edit plugin "Write guest cache"
    2. Cari dan mengedit plugin "Write Cache tamu"
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