Masuk Daftar

diperlengkapi secara cukup bahasa Inggris

  • secara:    -ly; -wise; by; wise; in a way; precisely;
  • secara cukup:    in abundance
  • cukup:    adequate; adequately; ample; enough; nothing
  • secara cukup cepat:    fast enough
  • secara cukup untuk:    at the level needed for
  • cukup:    adequate; adequately; ample; enough; nothing short of; sufficient; sufficiently; amply; comfortable; hold out; quite; competent; enow; good match; decent; passable; appropriate; finished; moderate;
  • cukup-cukup makan:    from hand to mouth
  • akan cukup:    will be enough
  • cukup alot:    fairly sticky
  • cukup anihnya:    strange enough
  • cukup baik:    fairly well; good enough; passably; fair; passable; playable; tolerable; well enough; auspiciously; moderately; adequately; inexpensively; ish
  • cukup banyak:    quite a lot; significant number of; plenty; respectable
  • cukup beralasan:    well-founded; defensible; tenable
  • cukup beruntung:    fortune enough
  • cukup besar:    a great degree; big enough; fairly large; sizable; sizeable