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  • In 2004, Howard's father, William Howard, came to watch Muse's performance at Glastonbury Festival.
    Pada tahun 2004, ayah Howard, William Howard, datang untuk menonton Muse di Festival Glastonbury.
  • Arctic Monkeys headlined the Glastonbury Festival on 22 June 2007, the highlights of which were aired on BBC2.
    Arctic Monkeys ikut Festival Glastonbury pada 22 Juni 2007, yang disiarkan pada BBC2.
  • Glastonbury Festival is a five-day festival of contemporary performing arts that takes place near Pilton, Somerset, England.
    Festival Glastonbury adalah festival lima hari seni pertunjukan kontemporer yang berlangsung di dekat Pilton, Somerset.
  • The song was also dedicated to Dominic Howard's father, who died shortly after the band's performance at the Glastonbury Festival.
    Lagu ini juga didedikasikan untuk ayah Dominic Howard, yang meninggal tak lama setelah penampilan band di Festival Glastonbury.
  • In addition, the band headlined the Glastonbury Festival in June and the first ever Friday at T in the Park in July.
    Selain itu, band ini tampil di Festival Glastonbury pada bulan Juni dan yang pertama kali Jumat di T in the Park pada bulan Juli.
  • The band played at the 2013 Glastonbury Festival on 28 June as headliners at the Pyramid stage to resounding success, playing "Mad Sounds" and "Do I Wanna Know?" from the forthcoming album AM.
    Mereka juga tampil di Festival Glastonbury pada 28 Juni dan membawakan "Mad Sounds" dan "Do I Wanna Know?".
  • While on stage at London's O2 Arena on 17 March, Adele announced that she would be headlining on the Pyramid Stage at the 2016 Glastonbury Festival, which was later confirmed by the festival's organisers.
    Saat di atas panggung O2 Arena pada 17 Maret, Adele mengumumkan bahwa ia akan menjadi penampil utama di Pyramid Stage di Festival Glastonbury 2016 yang selanjutnya kabar ini dibenarkan oleh penyelenggara festival tersebut.
  • Following the release of their album, Favourite Worst Nightmare, on 23 April 2007, the band began a series of tours that included a headline appearance at the Glastonbury Festival as well as hosting their own "mini-festival" at Lancashire County Cricket Ground.
    Setelah merilis album baru mereka, Favourite Worst Nightmare, pada tanggal 23 April 2007, band ini memulai serangkaian tur yang termasuk penampilan di Festival Glastonbury serta membawa acara sendiri sebagai "mini-festival" di Lancashire County Cricket Ground.