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  • Not morals, but movie values.
    Sayang film ini bukan film Psikologis tetapi film kriminal.
  • He also appeared in the series American Crime and Preacher, and in the Johnny Depp true-crime film Black Mass (2015).
    Brown juga tampil dalam serial American Crime, Preacher, dan film kriminal karya Johnny Depp berjudul Black Mass (2015).
  • In 2017, he portrayed Culverton Smith in "The Lying Detective", an episode of the BBC crime drama Sherlock.
    Tahun 2017, dia berperan sebagai Culverton Smith dalam "The Lying Detective", sebuah film kriminal episode yang ditayangkan oleh kanal BBC berjudul Sherlock.
  • Caruso had supporting roles as police officers in the crime films King of New York (1990) and Mad Dog and Glory (1993).
    Caruso berperan sebagai pemain pendukung dalam film kriminal King of New York (1990) dan Mad Dog and Glory (1992).
  • On screen, Smith first drew praise for the crime film Nowhere to Go (1958), for which she received her first BAFTA Award nomination.
    Dalam layar film, Smith pertama kali berperan dalam film kriminal Nowhere to Go (1958), yang dengannya dia menerima nominasi BAFTA Award pertamanya.
  • Delon's sunglasses brand became particularly popular in Hong Kong after actor Chow Yun-fat wore them in the 1986 crime film A Better Tomorrow (as well as two sequels).
    Kacamata bermerek Delon menjadi populer khususnya di Hong Kong setelah aktor Chow Yun Fat mengenakannya dalam sebuah film kriminal 1986 A Better Tomorrow (serta dua judul lanjutannya).
  • Texas Killing Fields (also known as The Fields) is a 2011 American crime film directed by Ami Canaan Mann and starring Sam Worthington, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jessica Chastain and Chloë Grace Moretz.
    Texas Killing Fields (juga dikenal sebagai The Fields) adalah film kriminal tahun 2011 yang dibintangi oleh Sam Worthington, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jessica Chastain dan Chloë Grace Moretz.
  • He starred as high school principal Steven Harper on the series Boston Public, Emerson Cod on Pushing Daisies, Detective Laverne Winston on the Fox drama Human Target, and more recently Detective Don Owen in the short-lived CBS crime drama Golden Boy.
    Dia mulai debut keaktorannya ketika bermain sebagai Steven Harper dalam serial Boston Public, Emerson Cod dalam Pushing Daisies, Detective Laverne Winston dalam film drama produksi Fox berjudul Human Target, dan peran sebagai Detective Don Owen dalam film kriminal produksi CBS berjudul Golden Boy.