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harus jelas bahasa Inggris

contoh kalimat "harus jelas"
  • harus:    bound to; gotta; had got to; have get to; have
  • jelas:    apparent; bold; clean cut; clear; clearly;
  • harus jelas bagi:    be clear to
  • harus jelas bahwa:    should be obvious that
  • harus jelas benar:    be absolutely clear
  • harus jelas tentang:    be specific in
  • harus jelas tentang sesuatu:    be clear about something
  • jelas:    apparent; bold; clean cut; clear; clearly; definite; evident; obvious; perceptible; sharp; unmistakable; vivid; clarity; crisp; dawn on; distinctly; downright; evidently; flagrant; glaring; graphic;
  • harus:    bound to; gotta; had got to; have get to; have got to; have to; have to be; having got to; must; must be; must needs; necessary; need to; shall; should be; there shall; be meant to; need; ought; pos
  • belum jelas:    unclear; inenubilable; clear as mud
  • cukup jelas:    selfexplanatory
  • dengan jelas:    affirmatively; articulately; clearly; coherently; conspicuously; decidedly; decisively; deferentially; distinctively; distinctly; earnestly; evidently; expressly; legibly; markedly; patently; penetr
  • dgn jelas:    distinctly; evident
  • haruslah jelas:    it should be clear
  • jelas digambarkan:    clearly difined
  • First of all, you have to know who that person is.
    menjadi seorang harus jelas dulu
  • But just to be clear, that's not me, okay?
    Tapi harus jelas, itu bukan aku, oke?
  • You're so cool. We should totally hang out.
    Kau sangat keren. kita harus jelas nongkrong
  • Yes, I have to clearly define our relationship.
    Ya, aku harus jelas mendefinisikan hubungan kita.
  • I need to be clear about one thing.
    Aku harus jelas tentang satu hal.
  • You need to clear this conference right now.
    Anda harus jelas konferensi ini sekarang.
  • And I don't want to cry, I must be very clear.
    Dan aku tak ingin menangis, aku harus jelas.
  • The question has to be clear for the answer to be clear.
    Pertanyaan harus jelas agar bisa mendapatkan jawaban.
  • This should certainly spice things up a bit.
    Ini semua harus jelas.
  • But if we can't, I need everyone absolutely clear on this.
    Bila tidak bisa, setiap orang harus jelas soal ini.
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