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melaur bahasa Inggris

  • melaungkan:    thunder; yawp; project; bawl; roar
  • melaung:    call; howl; squall; shout; bawl; bellow; clapperclaw; holler out; hail; call out; cry out; roar; hollo; outcry; holler; abuse; cry; shout out; exclaim; yell; scream; blackguard
  • melaut:    go out to sea; gone out to sea; push out into the sea; pushed out into the sea; pushing out into the sea; put to sea; putting to sea; stand to sea; standing to sea; stood to sea
  • melaun-laun:    drag; drag on; drag out
  • melawak:    jest; jolly; josh; joke; kid; chaff; banter; comedy
  • melatur:    blister; scald; vesicate; whip
  • melawak-lawak:    chaff; kid; banter; jolly; jest; joke; josh
  • melattur:    melattur, tamil nadu
  • melawan:    agin; buck; fighting back; fought back; gone against; made head against; make head against; making head against; oppose; oppugn; oppugned; oppugning; resist; rising up; rose up; strive against; stri