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little by little artinya

contoh kalimat "little by little"
  • Little by little he is sliding back into childhood.
    Sedikit demi sedikit dia kembali menjadi anak-anak.
  • And little by little, I paint for him, a picture.
    Sedikit demi sedikit, kuberi dia gambaran.
  • I'll take lands little by little for us.
    Akan kuambil tanahnya sedikit demi sedikit untuk kita.
  • And little by little flushed them down the toilet
    Dan sedikit demi sedikit, membuangnya ke toilet.
  • I don't want to go little by little.
    Aku tidak ingin digerogoti sedikit demi sedikit.
  • Little by little, you're just letting yourself become
    Sedikit demi sedikit kau biarkan dirimu menjadi
  • He's learning these important things little by little.
    Dia belajar hal-hal penting.. sedikit demi sedikit.
  • "A little by little he grew up with coincidence."
    " Sedikit demi sedikit dia tumbuh dengan kebetulan."
  • I think... my body is changing little by little.
    Ada perubahan yang terjadi pada tubuhku.
  • Whatever it takes, little by little, we'll put something away.
    Apapun, sedikit demi sedikit, kita akan menabung sesuatu.
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