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people artinya

pengucapan: [ 'pi:pl ]  audio:
kata kerja past tense: peopled   kata kerja past continuous: peopled   kata benda plural: peoples   kata kerja present continuous: peopling   
contoh kalimat "people"
  • These are the people who are obsessed with something.
    Mereka adalah orang yang terobsesi pada sesuatu.
  • A third of the people on this planet are kids.
    Sepertiga penghuni planet ini adalah anak-anak.
  • More than 2,000 people have climbed Everest.
    Lebih dari 2.000 orang telah berhasil mendaki gunung Everest.
  • In this case, people like me are acceptable.
    Pada masa ini, orang-orang seperti saya bisa diterima.
  • These are the people who think they're tone-deaf.
    Mereka adalah orang-orang yang merasa diri mereka tuli-nada.
  • The tone-deaf people, they're no longer here.
    Orang yang tuli-nada sudah tak ada lagi di sini.
  • So now, in closing, people say, now why laptops?
    Jadi, sebagai penutup, orang-orang berkata, mengapa laptop?
  • Too many other smart people out there. So.
    Ada terlalu banyak orang cerdas di sana. Jadi.
  • We need incentives. People have to make a living.
    Kita perlu insentif. Manusia perlu biaya hidup.
  • For instance, here's what people are saying about TED.
    Contohnya, inilah yang dikatakan orang-orang tentang TED.
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    Kata benda
  • (plural) any group of human beings (men or women or children) collectively; "old people"; "there were at least 200 people in the audience"

  • members of a family line; "his people have been farmers for generations"; "are your people still alive?"

  • the body of citizens of a state or country; "the Spanish people"
    Sinonim: citizenry,

  • the common people generally; "separate the warriors from the mass"; "power to the people"
    Sinonim: multitude, masses, mass, hoi polloi, the great unwashed,

  • Kata kerja
  • fill with people; "Stalin wanted to people the empty steppes"

  • furnish with people; "The plains are sparsely populated"