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qualification artinya

pengucapan: [ ˌkwɔlifi'keiʃən ]  audio:
kata benda plural: qualifications   
contoh kalimat "qualification"
  • You got no high school diploma, no qualifications.
    Kau tidak punya ijazah SMA, tidak masuk kualifikasi.
  • Gentlemen, do you not know how to read? What are your qualifications?
    Apa itu kepada Anda?
  • Though I'm unaware of your personal qualifications.
    Meski saya tidak paham mengenai data kualifikasi diri kamu.
  • No training, no... diploma, no... qualifications.
    Tidak ada pelatihan, tidak ... diploma, tidak ada ... kualifikasi.
  • I'll get you a secretary with the highest qualifications.
    Tidak ada di perusahaan yang seperti dia.
  • You have all the qualifications... experience, loyalty, discretion.
    Kau punya semua kualifikasi itu pengalaman, loyalitas, kebijaksanaan.
  • You don't need any qualification for that.
    Anda tidak perlu kualifikasi apapun untuk itu. - Pak.
  • I have two essential qualifications for David Irving.
    Aku punya dua kualifikasi penting bagi David Irving.
  • But her qualification won't make any difference to the price.
    Tapi pendidikannya takkan membuat harganya berubah.
  • Nothing more is known about these qualifications.
    Tidak ada hal lain yang diketahui mengenai kualifikasi-kualifikasi tersebut.
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    Kata benda
  • the act of modifying or changing the strength of some idea; "his new position involves a qualification of his party''s platform"

  • an attribute that must be met or complied with and that fits a person for something; "her qualifications for the job are excellent"; "one of the qualifications for admission is an academic degree"; "she has the makings of fine musician"
    Sinonim: making,

  • a statement that limits or restricts some claim; "he recommended her without any reservations"
    Sinonim: reservation,