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  • Common species in the area include large predators like the common reticulated python , the monitor lizard (Varanus salvator) and the green crested lizard (Bronchocoela cristatella).
    Spesies umum di daerah ini meliputi predator besar seperti kadal monitor (Varanus salvator) dan kadal jambul hijau (Bronchocoela cristatella).
  • 38. The longest snake in the world can be found in the Philippines is a Reticulated Python snake (Python reticulatus), which can grow up to 28 foot or 8,7 meter.
    38. Ular terpanjang di dunia dapat ditemukan di Filipina adalah ular Reticulated Python (Python reticulatus), yang bisa tumbuh sampai 28 kaki atau 8,7 meter.
  • For something different visit our Reptile Park located next to the Bird Park with a wide collection of South East Asia reptile. Se an 8 Meters reticulated python, Collection of Indonesian monitor lizard also the one and only the prehistoric Komodo Dragon, the biggest lizard in the world.
    Lihat Ular reticulated python sepanjang 8 meter, koleksi kadal monitor Indonesia serta terkenal di dunia prasejarah dan terbesar – Kadal Komodo Dragon.
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  • of southeast Asia and East Indies; the largest snake in the world
    Sinonim: Python reticulatus,