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series artinya

pengucapan: [ 'siəri:z ]  audio:
kata benda plural: series   
contoh kalimat "series"
  • Do you want me to run another series?
    Adakah kamu ingin saya untuk menjalankan siri lain?
  • It's the biggest series of storms in 12 years.
    Ini rangkaian badai terbesar selama 12 tahun.
  • I knew Agee was gonna have a great Series.
    Aku tahu Agee akan bertanding dengan baik.
  • Kids like Jerome are given a series of tests.
    Anak-anak seperti Jerome diberi serangkaian tes .
  • Close observation... and a full series of blood tests.
    Tutup observasinya... dan seluruh seri tes darahnya.
  • This is just like Game Seven of the '26 Series.
    Ini seperti Game Seven Series 26.
  • I need to take him through a series of tests.
    Aku akan melakukan serangkaian tes padanya
  • His investigative reports unveiled a series of universi ty scandals.
    Laporan investigasinya membongkar serangkaian skandal universitas.
  • Society today, is composed of a series of institutions.
    masyarakat sekarang, terbentuk dari beberapa bagian2 institusi.
  • What is the fourth symbol... in this other series?
    Apa keempat simbol ... dalam seri lain?
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    Kata benda
  • (mathematics) the sum of a finite or infinite sequence of expressions

  • a periodical that appears at scheduled times
    Sinonim: serial, serial publication,

  • a serialized set of programs; "a comedy series"; "the Masterworks concert series"
    Sinonim: serial,

  • (sports) several contests played successively by the same teams; "the visiting team swept the series"

  • similar things placed in order or happening one after another; "they were investigating a series of bank robberies"

  • a group of postage stamps having a common theme or a group of coins or currency selected as a group for study or collection; "the Post Office issued a series commemorating famous American entertainers"; "his coin collection included the complete series of Indian-head pennies"

  • (electronics) connection of components in such a manner that current flows first through one and then through the other; "the voltage divider consisted of a series of fixed resistors"