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white artinya

pengucapan: [ (h)wait ]  audio:
kata benda plural: whites   
contoh kalimat "white"
  • And the charm of white truffles is in their aroma.
    Dan aroma truffle putih sangat menggiurkan.
  • It's pure white, but it's not a polar bear.
    Beruang berbulu putih tapi bukan beruang kutub.
  • We also talked about the White Shark Cafe.
    Kita juga membicarakan tentang Kafe Ikan Hiu Putih.
  • And the white woman said, "I see a woman."
    Kata si wanita kulit putih, "Seorang perempuan."
  • Our Yebi (the cat's name) was white as snow.
    Yebi (nama kucingnya) kami (bulunya) seputih salju.
  • The dead cat was really a white cat.
    Kucing mati tadi itu benar-benar seekor kucing putih.
  • Our bodies not so white, but they are strong.
    Tubuh kami tak begitu putih, tapi kuat.
  • Got a big white man's jury here.
    Mendapat juri pria kulit putih yang besar di sini.
  • What you doin' wearing' white man's clothes?
    Apa yang kau lakukan pada orang kulit putih itu?
  • There's a lot of money in that white powder.
    Bisnis tepung putih ini untungnya besar sekali.
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    Kata sifat
  • of or belonging to a racial group having light skin coloration; "voting patterns within the white population"

  • being of the achromatic color of maximum lightness; having little or no hue owing to reflection of almost all incident light; "as white as fresh snow"; "a bride''s white dress"

  • Kata sifat
  • of summer nights in northern latitudes where the sun barely sets; "white nights"

  • anemic looking from illness or emotion; "a face turned ashen"; "the invalid''s blanched cheeks"; "tried to speak with bloodless lips"; "a face livid with shock"; "lips...livid with the hue of death"- Mary W. Shelley; "lips white with terror"; "a face white with rage"
    Sinonim: ashen, blanched, bloodless, livid,

  • (of hair) having lost its color; "the white hairs of old age"
    Sinonim: whitened,

  • (of coffee) having cream or milk added

  • (of a surface) not written or printed on; "blank pages"; "fill in the blank spaces"; "a clean page"; "wide white margins"
    Sinonim: blank, clean,

  • benevolent; without malicious intent; "that''s white of you"

  • glowing white with heat; "white flames"; "a white-hot center of the fire"
    Sinonim: white-hot,

  • restricted to whites only; "under segregation there were even white restrooms and white drinking fountains"; "a lily-white movement which would expel Negroes from the organization"
    Sinonim: lily-white,

  • marked by the presence of snow; "a white Christmas"; "the white hills of a northern winter"
    Sinonim: snowy,

  • free from moral blemish or impurity; unsullied; "in shining white armor"

  • Kata kerja
  • turn white; "This detergent will whiten your laundry"
    Sinonim: whiten,

  • Kata benda
  • (usually in the plural) trousers made of flannel or gabardine or tweed or white cloth
    Sinonim: flannel, gabardine, tweed,

  • (board games) the lighter pieces

  • the quality or state of the achromatic color of greatest lightness (bearing the least resemblance to black)
    Sinonim: whiteness,

  • the white part of an egg; the nutritive and protective gelatinous substance surrounding the yolk consisting mainly of albumin dissolved in water; "she separated the whites from the yolks of several eggs"
    Sinonim: egg white, albumen, ovalbumin,