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  1. Fritsch was born in Benrath in the Rhine Province of the German Empire.
    Fritsch lahir di Benrath, Provinsi Rhine, Kekaisaran Jerman.
  2. The small exclave district of Wetzlar, wedged between the grand duchy states Hesse-Nassau and Hesse-Darmstadt was also part of the Rhine Province.
    Eksklave kecil di Wetzlar yang terletak di antara Hessen-Nassau dan Hessen-Darmstadt juga merupakan bagian dari provinsi ini.
  3. On 22 June 1822, by order of the Prussian cabinet, this province was fused with the neighbouring Province of Jülich-Cleves-Berg to form the Rhine Province.
    Pada tanggal 22 Juni 1822, atas perintah kabinet Prusia, provinsi ini digabung dengan Provinsi Jülich-Cleves-Berg untuk membentuk Provinsi Rhein.
  4. Together with Diocletian, he launched a scorched earth campaign deep into Alamannic territory in 288, temporarily relieving the Rhine provinces from the threat of Germanic invasion.
    Bersama dengan Diokletianus, ia melancarkan kampanye bumi hangus di wilayah suku Alamanni pada tahun 288, yang berhasil mengamankan provinsi-provinsi Rhein dari ancaman suku Jermanik.
  5. Hohenzollern enjoyed all the rights of a full-fledged province of Prussia, including representation in the Prussian parliament, but its military matters and some civil matters were governed by the Oberpräsident of Rhine Province.
    Meskipun Hohenzollern memiliki hak yang sama dengan provinsi-provinsi lain di Prusia (termasuk perwakilan di parlemen Prusia), urusan militernya diatur oleh Provinsi Rhein.

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