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  1. "Everyday Is Christmas" by Jacky Cheung is produced by Andrew Tuason.
    "Everyday Is Christmas" oleh Jacky Cheung dihasilkan oleh Andrew Tuason.
  2. Roxanne Seeman and Philipp Steinke composed "Everyday Is Christmas" on guitar in Santa Monica.
    Roxanne Seeman dan Philipp Steinke menulis lagu "Everyday Is Christmas" di Santa Monica.
  3. "Everyday Is Christmas" is a song written by Roxanne Seeman and Philipp Steinke.
    "Everyday Is Christmas" adalah sebuah lagu yang ditulis oleh Roxanne Seeman dan Philipp Steinke.
  4. Jacky Cheung performed "Everyday Is Christmas" at his Private Corner mini-concert at the Hong Kong Jockey Club on April 30.
    Jacky Cheung menampilkan "Everyday Is Christmas" di mini-konser Private Corner di Hong Kong Jockey Club pada tanggal 30 April.
  5. Earth, Wind & Fire released "Everyday Is Christmas" as part of their Holiday album in 2014, produced by Philip Bailey and Myron McKinley.
    Earth, Wind & Fire merilis "Everyday Is Christmas" sebagai bagian dari album Holiday di tahun 2014, yang diproduksi oleh Philip Bailey dan Myron McKinley.

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