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  1. The Helmholtz International Graduate School is supported by the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres.
    UK Januar 2013 PhD Biologi Helmholtz Graduate School
  2. The namesake of the association is the German physiologist and physicist Hermann von Helmholtz.
    Nama organisasi ini diambil dari fisiologis dan fisikawan Jerman Hermann von Helmholtz.
  3. He studied physiological optics with Hermann von Helmholtz, and electro-physics with Adolf Slaby.
    Dia mengkaji ilmu optik fisiologi bersama Hermann von Helmholtz, dan juga ilmu elektrofisika bersama Adolf Slaby.
  4. The annual budget of the Helmholtz Association amounts to €4.4 billion, of which about 70% is raised from public funds.
    Anggaran tahunan Helmholtz Association sekitar 3,4 miliar Euro, 70% dari penggalangan publik.
  5. Research institutions in Germany include the Max Planck Society, the Helmholtz Association, the Fraunhofer Society and the Leibniz Association.
    Institusi-institusi penelitian yang ada di Jerman antara lain Max Planck Society, Helmholtz Association dan Fraunhofer Society.

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