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  1. Their fans are also associated with a once-notorious hooligan element and have long-standing rivalries with several other clubs, most notably Millwall.
    Suporter mereka juga terkait dengan elemen hooliganisme sepak bola, dan memiliki rivalitas keras dengan beberapa klub lain, terutama Millwall.
  2. The words hooliganism and hooligan began to be associated with violence in sports, in particular from the 1970s in the UK with football hooliganism.
    Kata hooliganisme dan hooligan mulai dikaitkan dengan kekerasan dalam olahraga, khususnya dari tahun 1970-an di Inggris dengan hooliganisme sepak bola.
  3. The following year, Preston fans fought Queen's Park fans in a railway station—the first alleged instance of football hooliganism outside of a match.
    Tahun berikutnya, penggemar Preston melawan penggemar Queens Park di stasiun kereta api, contoh dugaan pertama hooliganisme sepak bola di luar pertandingan.
  4. Their former ground, Upton Park, has also witnessed racism amongst fans and here football hooliganism originated amongst bovver boys in the 1960s.
    Kandang mereka, Boleyn Ground, juga telah menyaksikan rasisme di antara penggemar dan di sini, hooliganisme sepak bola berasal dari para bovver boy pada tahun 1960.
  5. The label "football hooliganism" first began to appear in the English media in the mid-1960s, leading to increased media interest in, and reporting of, acts of disorder.
    Label "hooliganisme sepak bola" pertama mulai muncul di media Inggris pada pertengahan 1960-an, yang mengarah pada peningkatan minat media, dan pelaporan gangguan.

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