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  1. Richards has been known for his intelligent design advocacy since 1996.
    Richards dikenal sebagai pendukung intelligent design sejak tahun 1996.
  2. Meyer is one of a group of prominent intelligent design (ID) advocates.
    Meyer adalah salah satu pendukung utama intelligent design (ID; "Perancangan cerdas").
  3. Intelligent Design for Atheists - The Raelian Movement
    Intelligent Design untuk para Atheis - Gerakan Raelian
  4. Meyer later ceased teaching to devote his time to the intelligent design movement.
    Meyer kemudian berhenti mengajar untuk memusatkan waktunya pada gerakan intelligent design.
  5. He was a co-author of the "Wedge strategy", which put forth the Discovery Institute's manifesto for the intelligent design movement.
    Ia adalah salah satu pengarang "Wedge strategy", yang menuangkan manifesto Discovery Institute bagi gerakan intelligent design.

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