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  1. The word "neutral" is sometimes added to "ammonium fluoride" to represent the neutral salt—F vs. the "acid salt" (NH4HF2).
    Istilah "netral" kadang-kadang ditambahkan pada "amonium fluorida" untuk mewakili garam netral—F vs. "garam asam" (NH4HF2).
  2. On passing hydrogen fluoride gas (in excess) through the salt, ammonium fluoride absorbs the gas to form the addition compound ammonium bifluoride.
    Dengan melewatkan gas hidrogen fluorida (berlebih) melalui garam, amonium fluorida menyerap gas membentuk senyawa adisi amonium bifluorida.
  3. This structure is very similar to ice, and ammonium fluoride is the only substance which can form mixed crystals with water.
    Struktur ini sangat mirip dengan es, dan amonium fluorida adalah satu-satunya zat yang dapat membentuk campuran kristal dengan air.
  4. Ammonium fluoride adopts the wurtzite crystal structure, in which both the ammonium cations and the fluoride anions are stacked in ABABAB... layers, each being tetrahedrally surrounded by four of the other.
    Amonium fluorida memiliki struktur kristal wurtzite, di mana baik kation amonium dan anion fluorida tersusun dalam lapisan ABABAB..., masing-masing dikelilingi oleh empat atom lainnya secara tetrahedral.
  5. Nitrogen trifluoride (NF3, first prepared in 1928) is a colourless and odourless gas that is thermodynamically stable, and most readily produced by the electrolysis of molten ammonium fluoride dissolved in anhydrous hydrogen fluoride.
    Nitrogen trifluorida (NF3, pertama kali dibuat tahun 1928) adalah gas tak berwarna dan tak berbau yang stabil secara termodinamika, dan paling mudah dibuat melalui elektrolisis lelehan amonium fluorida yang dilarutkan dalam hidrogen fluorida.

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