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  1. Body and Soul is a 1947 American film noir sports drama directed by Robert Rossen, and features John Garfield, Lilli Palmer, Hazel Brooks, Anne Revere and William Conrad.
    Body and Soul adalah sebuah film noir Amerika 1947 garapan Robert Rossen, dan menampilkan John Garfield, Lilli Palmer, Hazel Brooks, Anne Revere dan William Conrad.
  2. A Place in the Sun was directed by George Stevens from a screenplay by Harry Brown and Michael Wilson, and stars Montgomery Clift, Elizabeth Taylor, and Shelley Winters; its supporting actors included Anne Revere, and Raymond Burr.
    A Place in the Sun disutradarai oleh George Stevens dari sebuah skenario karya Harry Brown dan Michael Wilson, dan dibintangi oleh Montgomery Clift, Elizabeth Taylor, dan Shelley Winters; para pemeran pendukungnya meliputi Anne Revere, dan Raymond Burr.

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