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  1. In 2018, Anne-Marie collaborated with Marshmello on "Friends".
    Pada tahun 2018, Anne-Marie berkolaborasi dengan Marshmello di "Friends".
  2. Anne-Marie David, winner of the 1973 contest for Luxembourg.
    Anne-Marie David, pemenang kontes tahun 1973 untuk Luksemburg.
  3. At approximately 10pm, Anne-Marie McCoy returned to her apartment.
    Sekitar pukul 10 malam, Anne-Marie McCoy kembali ke apartemenya.
  4. Anne-Marie was born and raised in East Tilbury in Essex.
    Anne-Marie lahir dan dibesarkan di East Tilbury di Essex.
  5. Prost was married to Anne-Marie (born 14 February 1955), but they divorced sometime later.
    Prost menikah dengan Anne-Marie (lahir 14 Februari 1955).

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