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  1. Located on Bennelong Point on Sydney Harbour, the building is a World Heritage Site.
    Terletak di Bennelong Point di Sydney Harbour, bangunan ini masuk dalam Situs Warisan Dunia.
  2. On Bennelong Point at the northern end of the eastern shore of the cove stands the Sydney Opera House.
    Di Bennelong Point di ujung utara pantai timur teluk berdiri Sydney Opera House.
  3. He was given a brick hut on what became known as Bennelong Point where the Sydney Opera House now stands.
    Ia diberi pondokan batu bata yang kini dikenal sebagai Bennelong Point di mana Sydney Opera House sekarang berdiri.
  4. In the period from 1818 to 1821, the tidal area between Bennelong Island and the mainland was filled with rocks excavated from the Bennelong Point peninsula.
    Pada periode 1818 - 1821, daerah pasang antara Bennelong Island dan daratan dipenuhi bebatuan yang digali dari semenanjung Bennelong Point.
  5. Situated on Bennelong Point in Sydney Harbour, with parkland to its south and close to the equally famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, the building and its surroundings form an iconic Australian image.
    Gedung ini terletak di Bennelong Point di Sydney Harbour dekat Sydney Harbour Bridge dan pemandangan kedua bangunan ini menjadi ikon tersendiri bagi Australia.

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