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  1. Sethji is an Indian drama television series produced by Offshore Productions.
    Sethji adalah serial televisi drama India yang diproduksi oleh Offshore Productions.
  2. Devanshi is an Indian Hindi drama television series which broadcast on Colors TV.
    Devanshi adalah serial televisi Indian Drama Romantis yang disiarkan di Colors TV.
  3. In May 2008, he was cast in The CW teen drama television series Privileged.
    Pada bulan Mei 2008, dia menerima peran dalam drama televisi berseri Privileged.
  4. In 2006, Franco made his acting debut on The CW drama television series 7th Heaven.
    Tahun 2006 Dave Franco mengawali debutnya dalam televisi seri 7th Heaven.
  5. Pan Am is an American period drama television series created by writer Jack Orman.
    Pan Am adalah sebuah serial televisi drama periode Amerika yang dibuat oleh penulis Jack Orman.

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