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abah bahasa Inggris

contoh kalimat "abah"
  • abah-abah:    horse harness; harness
  • abadon:    abaddon
  • abadi/kekal:    immutable; nonmutable; unchanging
  • abadi:    ad infinitum; age long; deathless; eternal; immortal; immutable; last for ever; undying; eternity; timeless; eonian; perpetual; unceasing; long-lived; persistent; aeonian; everlastingly; eternally;
  • abai:    negligent; ignore; neglectful; disregard; careless; absent-minded; leave out of account; lax; neglect; inattentive; remiss; underestimate; thoughtless
  • abadhariini:    currentcentury
  • abaikan:    respecting not the; ignore; turn one’s back on; reject; neglect
  • abadan, turkmenistan:    büzmeýin, turkmenistan
  • abaikan semua peraturan:    ignore all rules
  • Haji Hud asked him "Who do your worship?".
    Abah Khaer bertanya kepada istrinya, "Ti mana maneh?"
  • Glow LED harness Dog Pet Flashing Light up
    Glow LED abah Anjing Binatang Berkedip Cahaya
  • Small Dog Vest Harness,Vest Dog Harness,Dog Running Vest Harness
    Kecil anjing vest abah,Anjing abah jaket,Dog Running Vest Harness
  • KolarLED Lights Dog Pets Collars Polyester Glow
    Glow LED abah Anjing Binatang Berkedip Cahaya
  • Hostel Mnl Boracay Beach 2 stars, Boracay - website;
    Hotel Umah Abah Seminyak 3 stars, Seminyak (Bali) - website;
  • Automatic Tape Dispenser, Automatic Label Dispenser, Harness Taping Machine - Bojin
    Otomatis pita Dispenser, otomatis Label Dispenser, Abah Taping Mesin - Bojin
  • Best Wire Harness Assemblies,Wiring Assembly,Wire Harness Assembly,Custom Wire Harness Assemblies for Sale
    Perhimpunan Abah Wire Terbaik, Perhimpunan Pendawaian, Perhimpunan Harness Wire, Perhimpunan Harness Wire Custom untuk Dijual
  • The young lady later finds out that the man she is supposed to marry was an armed robber.
    Afifah terkejut ketika mengetahui pria yang harus ia nikahi adalah Abah Asep.
  • Sticker Label Dispenser, Wire Harness Taping Machine, Label Dispenser Machine, Electric Hang-Tab Dispenser, Super Speed Electric Label Dispenser, Wire Taping Machine,
    Stiker Label Dispenser, Electric rampak-Tab Dispenser , Kawat Abah Taping Mesin, Labél Dispenser Mesin, Kawat Taping Mesin , Super Speed ​​Electric Label Dispenser,
  • Label Dispenser Machine, Super Speed Electric Label Dispenser, Electric Hang-Tab Dispenser, Wire Taping Machine, Sticker Label Dispenser, Wire Harness Taping Machine,
    Kawat Taping Mesin , Labél Dispenser Mesin, Speed ​​tinggi Label Electric Dispenser, Electric rampak-Tab Dispenser , Stiker Label Dispenser, Kawat Abah Taping Mesin,
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